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Reluctant clown candidate held aloft by sgibb Reluctant clown candidate held aloft by sgibb
The reluctant clown candidate held aloft by blind zealots
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sgibb Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
For this particular piece I was mulling over the US election and how a candidate can be supported, regardless of competence or the capacity for rational thought by their "blind supporters". The potential for a ruinous impact on the globe is frightening. To support the clown candidate is to give into impaired vision (eyeball in glass) and the unknown (cloudy question mark) which looms ominously. Then there are brave souls who risk all (Humpty Dumpty) to try and steal away the crown...and folks who will see something altogether different in spite of what I say.
7Lithium Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
I sometimes think you might try and write a more detailed description to one of your pictures. May be as a separate journal... like, "How I made %title%". To explain your ideas you put in that work, and what purpose serves every detail. Sorry if what I say is completely irrelevant, but I guess that might be an interesting experiment, an example, a key to understanding.
sgibb Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
good idea, but do you think that would take away some of the mystery/magic? I like the idea of people pondering them on their own, with their own set of comprehension and deciphering tools. If I say an apple is symbolic of Adam and Eve and someone else thinks it's sexual what good have I done to derail their perception?
7Lithium Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
Yes, that's why I only proposed that as an single example/experiment. Anyway, others' opinions may be interesting, too... the more so the artist's!
Though may be you know it better, and even a single revelation can do harm to the whole.
raphaelgustavo Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
maybe some people just paint what comes to mind without thinking about "meaning"... i guess...
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January 29, 2016
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